About us

Mahsa DARANI is a painter of Iranian origin, born in 1982 in Tehran. At the age of seven, by the support of her mother, she tested painting with the technique of Vitray (stained glass). By the proposal of her professor of mathematics, she started color oil painting at thirteen. Two years later, she discovered the technique of Charcoal and dry pastel during the six months of training by Mr. Younes Nazari, a well-known painter in the city of Isfahan in Iran.

She continued experiencing and matching different themes and techniques with various types of photos and drawings.

She did her studies in economics but never gave up the practice of art in all types; painting as well as traditional Iranian music, singing, photography, interior design.

What we do? 

This web site pursues several objectives:

 -Presenting the paintings of Mahsa DARANI

-Introducing other artists wishing to present their art (Painting, Sculpture, photos, etc).

-Showing Persian artistic tastes and spirits via different objects and sculptures.