I was born in 1982 in Tehran, Iran and have lived in France since 2007 and today I am also administratively French. From the age of seven, every year during the spring cleaning, under the advice of my mother, I painted on all the windows of the house to practice painting with the Vitray technique.



  • These are paintings of different styles, impressionism, expressionism, mostly conceptual with some realism.
  • The techniques are also different between collage, oil, acrylic.
  • Topics are specifically between Climate Change, Galaxy, Paradox as well as other current society topic.


Custom Order

  • Depending on the decoration and architecture of your living room, office, office, hotel or any personal or professional space, you can order your painting.
  • I will give you advice regarding dimensions, colours and subject. A simulated graphic visual will be sent to you well before the start of the creation of your painting.



  • These are not simple portraits, learn the idea of each one by reading the imaginary stories of the characters. Good reading!
  • The focus is mostly on Conceptual Expressionism style paintings and not at all "hyper-real" style!
  • The techniques are also different between the plaster of the dry pastel and the charcoal-gum.
  • The topics relate to the paradox as well as other topics in today's society.


Calligraphy in Painting

This is not about ‘Calligraphy painting’ but Calligraphy in ‘’Painting’’.

  • These are paintings in the Modern Expressionism style.
  • The painting techniques are oil colours and the calligraphy is ink on paper.
  • The meaning of the word written in Persian letter is Love. The only thing left in the world.